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Poker Movies – The Sting

I remember watching The Sting when I didn’t like poker very much. In fact, I think when I saw him (simply because my dad had a video and wanted to watch it, so everyone needed it), I didn’t even know how to play poker. Despite this, the movie captured the interest of everyone in the room and we all ended up fascinated by the screen. With Robert Redford and Paul Newman as the main characters, this was not surprising.

The film revolves around Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) trying to avenge the death of his friend and mentor Luther Coleman (Robert Earl Jones). Coleman was murdered by Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw), a notorious mobster and gambler. In devising an elaborate plan to deceive Lonnegan and destroy him https://kaki99.net, Hooker enlists the help of Henry Gordoff (Paul Newman), who was then considered the greatest con artist of all time.

If there are those who did not watch the movie, I will avoid disclosing more details and giving spoilers (as unfortunately I did with The Cincinnati Kid). However, let’s say the movie believes there is justice in this world. Is that enough for you?

Sting is indeed one of the best movies you can watch about poker and betting in general. In fact, thousands upon thousands of people agree with you as it was one of the most popular movies in the early 70’s. It has 7 Oscars which include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Adapted Score.

Here is more interesting information about the movie taken from the Wikipedia entry on The Sting:

* Plans were made for a prequel from The Sting. The film would be based on the early days of Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman). His mentor would be the infamous nineteenth-century trusted man, Soapy Smith, known as the king of frontier con artists. The plans were abandoned after the failure of the sequel starring Jackie Gleason.

* Harold Gould’s character, “Kid Twist,” shared this nickname (though apparently not the profession) of at least two different mafia killers, Max Zwerbach and Abe Reles.

At the beginning of the movie, Robert Redford meets Paul Newman, where he and his wife allegedly operate a carousel in Chicago. When the scene begins, they show the carousel building from afar, with a city landscape in the background. The photo is actually the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier in California, and the background of the city in the background was painted inside and over what is actually the Pacific Ocean.

* At the beginning of the film, the 1936 Universal Pictures logo (the Art Deco glass globe with the words “A UNIVERSAL IMAGE”) is used in place of the contemporary version to establish the time definition of the film.